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If you want to replace your filling in a pillow, you can purchase grains or husks separately. Pour your existing filling into compost, garden or BIO waste, and add a new one to your lining.

Millet, its husk and millet groats give the body stability, have a positive effect on the process of wound healing and bone fusion. Frequent application to fractures reduces pain and accelerates regeneration. Small grains accumulate heat, which is why I Love Grain blindfolds, after heating them, reduce head and eye problems, such as migraine headaches, tension headaches caused by stress or pain around the eyes and orbits. In the case of pain, the so-called or simply clogged paranasal canals, a bandage used regularly often helps a lot in solving these types of problems. The grain is gluten-free, which is why people allergic to gluten often choose this type of filling. The husk of millet is the finest, therefore it makes the least rustle during use. People who like soft pillows most often choose millet husk.Since the dawn of time people have used natural resources in order to improve the quality of life. That is why we pattern upon nature. Read more.

For the production of I Love Grain accessories we use natural materials (OEKO-TEX) and for the filling of pillows, poufs, toys, mattresses and other accessories, we use a variety of grains, such as hulls described herein.

Package Weight 4.000kg
Grains Millet Hulls
Product weight 3.200 kg
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