Eye pillow with rock salt - Mindfulness Panama - different colours

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In today world our eyes are exposed to many factors, such as excessive computer work, contact with smartphones, touch screens, devices emitting blue light, which adversely affects our health and used in excess, can cause eye damage. Overnight, on lights coming from urban lighting and street lighting.

These factors affect our eyesight, so it is best to look after your eyes and help them regenerate properly. Of course, limiting exposure to blue light will be the foundation, and try to make sure that you do not use these devices after dark. In addition, we use the I Love Grain eye pillow.

The eye pillow for relaxation is a weighted pillow and does not have an elastic band. The headband is equipped with lightweight.

Package Weight 1.000kg
Grains Rock Salt
Product weight 0.350 kg
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I Love Grain eye pillows are distinguished by several important elements. They are all natural - the material used (100% certified OECO-TEX cotton) and the filling (organic millet, flax seeds, mustard seeds and herbs) are all natural, the best for our health. The right size and shape of the eye pillows, which completely cover, not only the eyes and the eye socket, but also the surface of the forehead, sinuses and cheeks, so that light does not reach the eyes, allowing for full relaxation, relaxation and regeneration. Thanks to the complete lack of light in our eyes, the secretion of melatonin increases, so we feel more rested and relaxed. The surface covering the frontal sinuses and cheeks allows the eye pillow to be used as a heat pad. In case of sinus problems, after heating up the I Love Grain band, can be use as a compress on the sinuses, thus reducing pain and clearing the blocked paranormal channels. Natural filling, after heating keep the temperature long, and after cooling in the refrigerator their temperature for a long time does not grow.

The method of sewing the straps provides the possibility of filling the contents, replacing the previously used filling into other and above all the washing of the small pillowcase. Organic millet, flax seeds or mustard seeds have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and regenerative properties. The light weight of the band gently presses the eyeballs, allowing them to loosen and regenerate fully. Additives in the form of herbs - thyme, lavender, rosemary, lemon verbena, rose or others soothe our senses aromatherapy.


AS A WARM COMPRESS: Preheat the oven to a maximum of 100 ° C, place the pillow in a clean, heat-resistant dish, and then in the preheated oven for 15/20 minutes. WARNING! Do not overheat your pillow at higher temperatures to make it warm up faster. This can cause the beans to lose their health benefits quickly. Place the product in the center of the oven to keep it at a safe distance from the heaters, otherwise you may burn your product. To heat the pillow on the radiator - put the I Love Grain pillow on a clean radiator. Depending on the temperature of the radiator, take it off when its temperature is right for you. You can also warm up the I Love Grain pillow in the sun, it will actually be the most natural and soothing warmth, so if there is an opportunity, we encourage you to choose this type of heating.


Put the I Love Grain pillow in a clean vessel or foil bag to avoid it getting wet and leave it in the refrigerator for about 1 hour, after which its temperature will soothe the pain caused by a bruise or sprain.

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