MYOTAPE - Small tape for kids


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MYOTAPE is a hypoallergenic tape for children aged 4-16, which does not cover the mouth, but surrounds it and, thanks to the flexibility of the kinesiological tape, stimulates their closure. The elastic tension of the patch serves as a gentle "pinpoint" to close the lips. It is used to restore the new breathing track during wakefulness and sleep. At the same time, it allows you to open your mouth and speak while using it. MYOTAPE is made of cotton and a hypoallergenic, skin-friendly adhesive. The glue comes from Japan, it is acrylic and latex free.

MYOTAPE is designed to safely teach children how to breathe through the nose, so that:

  • prevents mouth snoring
  • improves the quality of sleep
  • increases focus and improves learning performance
  • reduces the symptoms of asthma and hay fever
  • improves dental health
  • supports the proper development of the facial skeleton

In order to change the breathing habit and maintain nasal breathing, it is recommended to be used for 60-90 days.

The package contains 90 patches.

Package Weight 0.500kg
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  • Remove the back layer of the slice
  • Use your hands to gently stretch the slice to approx. 20%
  • If you are sticking a patch on a child, ask them to put their lips together
  • Gently stick the patch around your mouth



  • he feels unwell and is at risk of vomiting
  • he has a very stuffy nose
  • has severe difficulty breathing
  • she has very chapped lips

The imprint on the patches visible in the photos is accidental. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the imprint. The printing does not affect the use of the patches as well as their functions and operation.

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