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Our well-being is not always perfect, sometimes our head, stomach, neck hurt, we have the flu or we just don't feel well. This applies not only to ourselves, but also to our children. What can we do to help our bodies naturally?

We love what Nature gives us, so we always look for a solution from her. We offer you natural I Love Grain hot water bottles. Our hot water bottles are made of 100% OECO-TEX certified cotton, filled with natural ingredients such as mustard, black mustard, millet, cherry seeds, linseed, rock salt or Himalayan salt. These beans have amazing health benefits that help with pain relief, anti-inflammatory, warming or cooling as needed. The hot water bottle is completely safe for everyone We can decide on its temperature, we do not have contact with rubber or electricity, as in the case of previously used electric cushions. Hot water bottles are perfect for children, pregnant women, the elderly and all of us. The hot water bottles have a lock that allows the contents to be poured out.

Fully valuable product - SALE OF COLOR FROM THE COLLECTION.

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