Jaśka pillow with pine flakes 40x40 - different colours

Chwilowy brak produktu


High-quality wooden pine shavings have beneficial properties and provide long-term benefits for users. Our pine shavings are100% natural and come from the sustainable sources. Products filled with pine shavings are very light, are antibacterial and hypoallergenic. They don't accumulate mites or static charge while the beautiful aroma deters all kinds of insects. Pine tree shavings have antiseptic properties and are extremely soft. Pine helps to unwind, protects the heart, lowers heart rate and strengthens circulation. Pine shavings have an effect on the vagus nerve and help to achieve a state of a deep relaxation during sleep. Here you can read more about pine flakes.

The pillow is sold in a set and includes:

  • Cotton white insert with zipper filled with pine flakes
  • Cotton pillowcase with colorful trimming and logo

You can also buy a decorative cover for the pillow. The cover is not included.

Package Weight 0.850kg
Size 40 cm x 40 cm
Product weight 0.800kg
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