Bolster 45cm with spelt hull - different colors - Mindfulness collection

kolor wałków


Fully natural, certified cotton bolster, for sleeping, relax and yoga. Filled with organic cereal hulls - for example - buckwheat, spelt, emmer or millet hulls. The pillowcase can be easily removed and washed. The inner, white lining has a special zipper without a handle that prevents unwanted scaling. The lining can also be emptied and washed. Bolster perfectly support the head and neck.

Read more about spelt hull here.

* The Spelt Hull will be whole or shredded - the form depends on the actual delivery of the hulls. Both forms are shown in the photos and do not affect the properties of the hull.

Package Weight 1.500kg
Size 45 cm x 16 cm
Grains Spelt Hull
Product weight 1.100 kg
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Natural filling of cork, cherry pits or pine tree shavings has beneficial influence on our wellbeing. Synthetic pillows inhibit air circulation and negatively influence our airways, skin and immune system effecting the entire body during if warmed up. Natural warmed up pillows release pleasant aroma, massage the neck but most of all positively influence our health. We recommend adding herbs to your pillow, it will provide aromatherapy experience. Each filling dries up quickly, does not absorb moist and is hydrophobic. Our pillows do not grow or accumulate bacteria, mould and dust mites.

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