Spelt hull for Rita



If you want to replace your filling in a pillow, you can purchase grains or husks separately. Pour your existing filling into compost, garden or BIO waste, and add a new one to your lining.

Spelled husk is known for many health-promoting and healing properties, often on an almost metaphysical level, as it is characterized by extremely beneficial radiation, creating a health biofield, improving the functioning of the nervous system, reducing symptoms of depression and alleviating various types of pain. It is thanks to these features that it is perfect as a healthy and natural filling for mattresses and pillows. Read more here.

* The Spelt Hull will be whole or shredded - the form depends on the actual delivery of the hulls. Both forms are shown in the photos and do not affect the properties of the hull.

Package Weight 3.500kg
Grains Spelt Hull
Product weight 3.000 kg
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