Incenses Morning Star - Myrrh



Incense with a balsamic, warm spicy aroma of myrrh. The aroma has been used since ancient times, with soothing properties, balm for the body and soul. Calms and cleanses. 

Incense fragrances by the Japanese brand Nippon Kodo are made from natural ingredients from all over the world. The Morning Star collection was created based on Mainichiko incense, which means "incense for every day." Sold throughout the world for fifty years, the series has become a classic of modern Japanese incense. It is incense for people looking for natural but original scents for the interior. They contain only wood powder and natural oils. The special production technology and the lack of a bamboo stick make the aroma evaporate. That is why these incense sticks are also suitable for those who do not like smoke. Various fragrances can find many uses: at home, on vacation, in the store, in the beauty salon or for meditation practice. Their fragrance changes the atmosphere and causes relaxation and calming down.

The package contains 50 incenses and a ceramic flower-shaped stand.

The burning time of one incense is about 25 -35 min.

Composition: wood powder, oils

made in Japan

Package Weight 0.100kg
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