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HEAT PAT WITH CHERRY STONE - a burgundy hot water bottle made of cherry seeds is perfect after heating, because it relaxes the tension of the neck and shoulders, which helps to reduce the negative effects of stress on our body, helps to relax muscles during menstrual pain, soothes back pain (ideal in pain so-called "roots"), has an analgesic effect on problems with the gallbladder and liver, has a relaxing effect on abdominal pain, muscle spasms or rheumatic pain, soothes or eliminates headaches caused by flu or sinusitis, allows you to naturally warm up cold hands and feet (great during winter periods, after a ski trip or a trip to the mountains)

WOMEN'S MUSLIN HAIRBAND - Hand-sewn, muslin, light and natural burgundy hairband for women who value comfort and elegance even in the privacy of the bathroom

MUSLIN HAIR BAND - Hand-sewn rubber band made of delicate muslin in burgundy color does not damage hair

Package Weight 1.000kg
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AS A WARM COMPRESS:   Preheat the oven to a maximum of 100 ° C, place the pillow in a clean, heat-resistant dish, and then in the preheated oven for 15/20 minutes. WARNING! Do not overheat your pillow at higher temperatures to make it warm up faster. This can cause the beans to lose their health benefits quickly. Place the product in the center of the oven to keep it at a safe distance from the heaters, otherwise you may burn your product. To heat the pillow on the radiator - put the I Love Grain pillow on a clean radiator. Depending on the temperature of the radiator, take it off when its temperature is right for you. You can also warm up the I Love Grain pillow in the sun, it will actually be the most natural and soothing warmth, so if there is an opportunity, we encourage you to choose this type of heating.

AS A COLD COMPRESS:  Put the I Love Grain pillow in a clean vessel or foil bag to avoid it getting wet and leave it in the refrigerator for about 1 hour, after which its temperature will soothe the pain caused by a bruise or sprain.

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