Mini pillow filled with very well known amber. This pillow is a perfect gift for any occasion. Amber is a fossilized conifer resin growing nearly 50 million years ago. Thanks to the abundance of minerals, salts, micro and macro elements (silicon, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, volatile, resin acids) it is a rich repository of compounds which have a beneficial effects on the whole body. Putting amber under the pillow or placing it on a bedside table near the head will protect us against the effects of electromagnetic fields, water veins, and have a beneficial effect on mental balance. Children during the teething will be helped by soothing the pain and it will act positively on the immunity.

Amber is not just an ornamental stone. Its health benefits are being used by parents in many countries to support the immunity of their children. You can see this in Spain, where almost every toddler wears an amber necklace. Adults use amber to calm emotions, reduce stress and release negative energy.

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Grains Amber
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