A great gift in the form of a small, herbal pillow filled with thyme will please everyone. Herbal pillow can be placed inside the favourite pillow I Love Grain or under your pillow. Thyme is a herb of versatile action. Because of essential oils as thymol and carvacrol is so intense and smell so beautiful. Thyme helps the nervous system, works relieve and helps the process of regeneration after illnesses and infections.

Warm up your mini pillow on a heater, in the sun or in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes in 100 C degrees and apply it to an aching area. Before falling asleep you can lie side by side or place it under a pillow to take advantage of its wonderful aroma and health properties. Attention! Please be aware if the pillow is too hot, do not apply it directly on the body.

SKU MP_THYME_Ol_Po_10*14
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Color Olive
Grains Thyme
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